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Guide To Play Both Teams To Score (BTTS) bet in football betting

If you don't know how to play the Both Teams To Score bet, it may cause you to miss out on a good opportunity to earn money from bookmakers and enrich yourself through football betting.

To help players make the most of their money-making strategies, Wintips will provide detailed guidance football tips weekend from A to Z on how to play in the following article.

Understanding what the Both Teams To Score bet is:

The Both Teams To Score bet, also known as BTTS, is a very attractive betting method. It involves betting that both teams will score in the same match.

If you bet on this and both teams end up conceding goals, then you win.

In other words, you don't need to care about the exact score or how many goals each team scores, you just need to focus on both teams scoring against each other.

This is very different from other forms of betting such as over/under, handicap betting, outright win, correct score, etc.

For this type of bet, you will have two options:

Yes: If you choose this option and both teams score, you will win money from the bookmaker.

No: Choosing this option means you only win money if the result is 0 - 0 or if neither team concedes.

In general, playing this bet is quite simple, with not too many options to consider, so you won't have to worry about calculations like with other betting methods.

Many players have succeeded with this bet and have truly earned significant money from bookmakers.

How to read Both Teams To Score odds for bettors:

For this interesting play, it's divided into several types for players to choose from:

a) Both Teams To Score First Half:

Choosing this bet means that if both teams score in the official 45 minutes of the first half, you win money from the bookmaker; otherwise, you lose money.

However, if you choose No, you will only win money if both goals are kept safe in the first half.

Usually, there are not many goals scored in the first half, so this bet is not popular among players.

b) Both Teams To Score Second Half:

Similar to the first half bet, the calculation for the second half bet is the same.

If you choose Yes and no goals are scored, you lose all your money. Conversely, if both teams score in the official 45 minutes of the second half, you win.

For the No option, the calculation is the opposite. If neither team scores in the second half, you win, and if there are goals scored, you lose your bet.

c) Both Teams To Score Full Time:

For the full-time bet, we only consider the 90 minutes of official play and do not consider extra time or penalty shootouts.

The winning calculation for this bet is similar to that of the first and second half bets.

You will only win money from the bookmaker if you choose Yes and both teams score. If only one team scores or no goals are scored, you lose your bet.

In the case of choosing No, the condition for receiving the reward is that the result is 0 for both teams.

How to play Both Teams To Score bet: 10 Tips from Experts

Don't rely solely on your own abilities for consistent wins unless you're familiar with the foolproof experiences betting tips best sites of experts when betting on Both Teams To Score:

Choose "Yes" for both teams when they adopt an attacking style of play.

Always consider the offensive capabilities of the teams to choose the appropriate option.

Keep track of the head-to-head history between the two teams.

Evaluate the current form and class of the teams.

Learn about the top goal scorers for each team and their recent goal-scoring performances.

Consider the starting lineups of both teams, whether they are at full strength or not, and who the key players are.

Pay attention to factors like weather conditions, home or away team, artificial or natural turf.

The nature of the match: knockout stages or point-based.

Decide whether to bet on the first half, second half, or full game, and when to place your bet.

Monitor the odds table to get the highest odds and maximize your winnings.

Additionally, there will be many more experiences continuously updated by Wintips in upcoming articles.

Things to note when placing Both Teams To Score bets:

Avoid selecting both "Yes" and "No" options as it will surely result in losses.

If a match is canceled or postponed, the bet will still count if both teams have scored.

In the event of a canceled or postponed match where only one team has scored or neither has scored, the bet will be canceled.

The final result is determined by the referee.

Extra time, overtime, penalty shootouts are not considered.

If you're not careful, you might become addicted to betting on football, so it's essential to know when to stop to avoid significant losses.

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In conclusion,

Hopefully, with these insights from Wintips, you've found an effective way to make money from football matches.

Although the odds for Both Teams To Score bets are 50/50, don't be complacent because of this.


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