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How My Friend Ganesha 2 Teaches Us About Friendship, Faith, and Culture

My Friend Ganesha 2 2 Full Movie in Hindi MP4: A Review

If you are looking for a fun and family-friendly movie that combines animation, music, and mythology, you might want to check out My Friend Ganesha 2. This is a sequel to the 2007 movie My Friend Ganesha, which tells the story of a lonely boy who befriends Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god of wisdom and success. In this movie, another boy named Vashu gets to meet Ganesha and experience his magic and miracles. Here is a review of My Friend Ganesha 2, including its story, animation, music, themes, lessons, reception, and sequels.

My Friend Ganesha 2 2 full movie in hindi mp4


My Friend Ganesha 2 is a 2008 Indian Hindi-language film written and directed by Rajiv S Ruia and produced by Baba Films. It stars Aayush Shah as Vashu, Harsh Chhaya as Vashu's father, Bhairavi Goswami as Vashu's mother, Ali Haji as Rocky, Upasana Singh as Gangubai, Kurush Deboo as Bejanjee, and Arun Bakshi as Vashu's principal. The voice of Ganesha is provided by Shailendra Singh. The movie was released on August 22, 2008 in India.

The movie follows the adventures of Vashu, a shy and timid boy who feels neglected by his parents and bullied by his classmates. He finds a new friend in Ganesha, who comes to his rescue when he saves a mouse from drowning. The mouse turns out to be Mushakraj, Ganesha's loyal mount. Together, Vashu and Ganesha face various challenges and obstacles, such as winning a dance competition, dealing with a wicked businessman, and finding true love.

The Story of My Friend Ganesha 2

The movie begins with Vashu being scolded by his father for failing his exams. His father is a bank manager who is under pressure from his boss to recover loans from defaulters. His mother is a fashion designer who is busy with her work and boss. They have no time for Vashu, who feels lonely and sad. He only has Gangubai, his maid servant, who tells him stories about Lord Ganesha.

One day, Vashu decides to enter a dance competition, where he hopes to impress his crush, Dolly. However, he faces stiff competition from Rocky, the school bully and Dolly's boyfriend. Rocky tries to sabotage Vashu's performance by stealing his music CD and breaking his leg. Vashu is heartbroken and ready to give up, but Ganesha comes to his aid. He replaces the CD with a magical one that plays Ganesha's songs and dances. He also heals Vashu's leg and gives him confidence and courage. Vashu performs brilliantly and wins the competition and Dolly's heart.

Meanwhile, Vashu's father is in trouble with his boss, who wants him to evict an old man named Bejanjee from his house. Bejanjee is a devotee of Ganesha and has a huge statue of him in his house. He refuses to leave his house, even when the boss sends goons to threaten him. Vashu's father is torn between his duty and his conscience, but he decides to stand up for Bejanjee and defy his boss. Ganesha helps him by making the goons run away and exposing the boss's corruption. Vashu's father is hailed as a hero and gets a promotion.

Vashu's mother is also busy with her fashion show, where she has to present her latest designs. However, she faces a challenge from her rival designer, who tries to steal her ideas and ruin her reputation. She also has to deal with her demanding boss, who wants her to work overtime and neglect her family. Ganesha helps her by creating beautiful outfits for her models and making her rival's clothes fall apart. He also makes her boss realize his mistake and apologize to her. Vashu's mother is praised for her creativity and talent.

At the end of the movie, Vashu and his parents are happy and grateful for Ganesha's help. They celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with Bejanjee, Gangubai, Dolly, and Mushakraj. They offer prayers and sweets to Ganesha and bid him farewell. Ganesha promises to come back whenever they need him and disappears with Mushakraj.

The Animation and Music of My Friend Ganesha 2

My Friend Ganesha 2 is a mix of live-action and animation, with Ganesha and Mushakraj being the only animated characters in the movie. The animation quality and style of the movie are not very impressive, as they look dated and cartoonish compared to other animated movies of the same time. The movements of Ganesha and Mushakraj are sometimes stiff and unnatural, and their expressions are not very expressive. The contrast between the live-action and animation scenes is also noticeable, as they do not blend well together.

The movie features several songs and dances that are meant to showcase Ganesha's power and personality. The songs are composed by Shravan Rathod, Nadeem Saifi, Sameer Anjaan, Laxmi Narayan Sharma, Rajiv S Ruia, Praveen Bhardwaj, Vijay Akela, Shabbir Ahmed, Harry Anand, Sanjay Dhakan, Ravi Pawar, Rahul Seth, Shamir Tandon, Abhishek Ray, Sanjay Pathak, Rajendra Shivv . The songs are sung by various singers such as Shailendra Singh (who also voices Ganesha), Shankar Mahadevan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shaan, Daler Mehndi, Neha Kakkar, Kailash Kher, Sonu Nigam, and others . The songs are mostly upbeat and catchy, with lyrics that praise Ganesha and his attributes. The dances are choreographed by Raju Khan, Longinus Fernandes, and Ganesh Acharya . The dances are mostly energetic and colorful, with costumes and props that reflect Ganesha's symbols and motifs.

The animation and music of the movie are meant to enhance the mood and message of the movie, which is to celebrate Ganesha and his blessings. They also add some humor and fun to the movie, as Ganesha and Mushakraj often make jokes and pranks with their powers. However, they also sometimes distract from the main plot and characters of the movie, as they take up a lot of screen time and attention. They also sometimes clash with the tone and style of the live-action scenes, as they are more childish and whimsical.

The Themes and Lessons of My Friend Ganesha 2

My Friend Ganesha 2 is a movie that explores various themes and lessons that are related to Hindu mythology and culture, as well as to universal values and morals. Some of the themes and lessons of the movie are:

- The power of faith and friendship: The movie shows how Vashu's faith in Ganesha and his friendship with him help him overcome his difficulties and achieve his goals. Ganesha also teaches Vashu the importance of trusting and caring for his friends, such as Mushakraj, Bejanjee, Gangubai, and Dolly. The movie also shows how Vashu's parents learn to have faith in their son and in themselves, and how they become closer as a family. - The value of honesty and justice: The movie shows how Vashu's father faces a moral dilemma when he has to choose between his job and his conscience. He decides to do the right thing by defending Bejanjee from his boss's injustice. He is rewarded by Ganesha for his honesty and integrity. The movie also shows how Vashu's mother stands up for her creativity and originality against her rival's dishonesty and plagiarism. She is praised by Ganesha for her hard work and talent. - The joy of music and dance: The movie shows how Vashu expresses his emotions and personality through music and dance. He participates in a dance competition to impress his crush and to prove himself. He is guided by Ganesha's songs and dances, which inspire him to be confident and courageous. The movie also shows how music and dance bring people together, as Vashu's parents join him in celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with songs and dances. - The respect for tradition and culture: The movie shows how Vashu learns about Ganesha's stories and legends from Gangubai, who tells him about Ganesha's birth, his elephant head, his broken tusk, his mouse mount, and his role as the remover of obstacles. He also learns about Ganesh Chaturthi, the festival that honors Ganesha's birthday and his return to his parents. He respects and follows the rituals and customs of the festival, such as making a clay idol of Ganesha, offering him sweets and flowers, and immersing him in water. He also appreciates and enjoys the culture and heritage of India, as he sees the diversity and beauty of its people and places.

The Reception and Sequels of My Friend Ganesha 2

My Friend Ganesha 2 received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the movie for its positive message and family appeal, while others criticized it for its poor animation and weak script. The movie was a moderate success at the box office, earning about Rs. 3 crore in India . The movie also won some awards and nominations, such as the Best Children's Film Award at the 2009 Kalakar Awards and the Best Animation Film nomination at the 2009 Stardust Awards .

My Friend Ganesha 2 is part of a series of movies that feature Ganesha as a friend and mentor to different children. The first movie, My Friend Ganesha, was released in 2007 and starred Ahsaas Channa as Ashu, a boy who is troubled by his parents' divorce and his grandmother's death. He finds solace in Ganesha, who helps him cope with his problems and reunite his family. The third movie, My Friend Ganesha 3, was released in 2010 and starred Rahul Pendkalkar as Abhishek, a boy who is unhappy with his new home and school. He meets Ganesha, who helps him adjust to his new environment and make new friends. The fourth movie, Bal Ganesh, was released in 2012 and starred Ashar Sheikh as Bal Ganesh, a young version of Ganesha who has many adventures with his friends Mooshak (the mouse) and Kartikeya (his brother). The movie is a prequel to the other movies and shows how Ganesha became the beloved god of wisdom and success.


My Friend Ganesha 2 is a movie that aims to entertain and educate children and adults alike about Ganesha and his wonders. It tells the story of Vashu, a boy who finds a friend in Ganesha and learns from him how to overcome his challenges and achieve his dreams. The movie also showcases the animation and music of India, as well as the themes and lessons of Hindu mythology and culture. The movie is not perfect, as it has some flaws in its animation quality and script writing, but it is still worth watching for its positive message and family appeal.

If you are interested in watching My Friend Ganesha 2, you can find it online for free on various platforms such as YouTube , Hotstar , Zee5 , etc. You can also watch the other movies in the series if you want to see more of Ganesha's adventures with different children. You will surely enjoy these movies if you love animation, music, mythology, culture, or just a good story with a good friend.

I hope you liked this review of My Friend Ganesha 2. If you have any questions or comments about the movie or this article, please feel free to share them below. Thank you for reading!


Here are some frequently asked questions about My Friend Ganesha 2:

- Where can I watch My Friend Ganesha 2 online for free?

- You can watch My Friend Ganesha 2 online for free on various platforms such as YouTube , Hotstar , Zee5 , etc. - Who is the director and writer of My Friend Ganesha 2?

- The director and writer of My Friend Ganesha 2 is Rajiv S Ruia. - Is My Friend Ganesha 2 based on a true story?

- No, My Friend Ganesha 2 is not based on a true story. It is a fictional story that uses elements from Hindu mythology and culture. - How - How many My Friend Ganesha movies are there?

- There are four My Friend Ganesha movies in total. They are My Friend Ganesha (2007), My Friend Ganesha 2 (2008), My Friend Ganesha 3 (2010), and Bal Ganesh (2012). - What is the meaning of Mushakraj?

- Mushakraj is the name of Ganesha's mouse mount, who is also his friend and companion. The name means "king of mice" in Sanskrit. b70169992d


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