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William Hall
William Hall

Sylenth Chillwave Patches Rar

What You Get: This free grab packs a punch across many different genres. It is built up of 60 unique patches that are all modeled after some of my absolute favorite vintage hardware synths (Junos and Moog Models and even that classic Prophet sound).

Sylenth Chillwave Patches Rar

Why You Need It: Getting unique sequences, patterns and wubz can be one of the most time consuming parts of creating modern bass music. But this free pack cuts those corners and gives you interesting patches that are filled with character and radio-ready to make your fans headbang on the nearest handrail

What You Get: 7Skies is one of the most knowledgeable producers and sound designers in the game right now and actually hosts a massive arsenal of production resources completely for free on his site (linked above). Not only do you get a wealth of wavetables and presets, but you can also find high-quality patches for other popular synths like Sylenth, Massive, and more.

What You Get: Over 260 multi-genre patches that are fully mapped and ready to use in your music. These patches run the gamut of leads, chords, pads, basses, and FXs. Long story short, they have a little bit of everything, but they certainly tend to favor more modern-sounding bass genres.

What You Get: 164 patches all designed by some pretty dope names including Mr. Bill, Mindex, Orenda, Secret Recipe, Templo, and more. This pack is pure hype mode and offers a ton of powerful weapons to use in your next bass-focused tune.


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