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Theodore Cruz

8. Everything Old Is New

The 2020 from Valentina Andrei is a mini-me version of the Chappaz, with the same saline component, but with bright, green apple aromatics and a mineral core. I have no doubt Valentina will excel with this grape, as she does with everything else she touches.

8. Everything Old Is New


Today, we are in the midst of a global pandemic that has already killed almost two million people. We are all suffering with social and political angst. When everything calms down, which is inevitable, everyone will want to cut loose!

They had us at the chevron-patterned wood flooring. The Courtney Room opened recently at the Magnolia Hotel & Spa, taking over the space previously occupied by Catalano Restaurant. A complete overhaul delivered new everything, all airy and white, the renovation pushing the ceiling even higher than it was before.

The next step was to pour white vinegar over each component separately and start scrubbing with a Brillo pad until the rust was lifted. It took lots of elbow grease, but when I rinsed everything off, the results were amazing!

Sticking with the theme this week of everything old is new again, I am happy to tell you that director TW Peacocke has returned and had his first day on set this year, as filming began Wednesday on episodes 407 and 408. TW directed two episodes last year - "Catch and Release" (Episode 311) and "The Reckoning" (Episode 312). In Season 2 he directed four episodes - "Ghost Horse" (Episode 201), "Letting Go" (Episode 202), Seismic Shifts (Episode 213) and "Do or Die" (Episode 214). So we can look forward to two more great episodes from the returning director. 041b061a72


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