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The 4 Points that Give You Mastery over the Shared Service Business Model (SSBM)

Oracle Cloud ERP 201: The Shared Service Business Model - Part 2

The 4 Points You Need to Understand to Master the Concept of the Shared Service Business Model (SSBM) in Oracle Cloud

  1. SSBM can benefit a business when there are cost savings or increases in process efficiency to be had by centralizing certain activities within the organization.

  2. By design, the scope of SSBM covers the centralization of activities in the domains of Purchasing, Payables and Receivables.

  3. With the centralization of Purchasing, SSBM can work across all Legal Entities and Primary Ledgers in the Enterprise structure.

  4. With the centralizing of the Payables or Receivables functions, SSBM can only be implemented for Business Units that come under the same Primary Ledger.

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