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What Are Some Signs That Your Loved One Needs An Inpatient Drug Rehab Infographic

If you or a friend is showing signs of drug addiction, a drug addiction treatment program is necessary to find lasting recovery. These programs provide the professional and medical help that individuals with addictions require. Without professional help, you or your loved one is at risk for relapse. At Morningside Recovery, we provide numerous programs and treatments that help those struggling with addiction. These include:

What Are Some Signs That Your Loved One Needs An Inpatient Drug Rehab Infographic

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Those changes generate symptoms that fall into a wide range of categories, including physical, behavioral, and psychological. Heroin use also causes the presence of certain types of suspicious paraphernalia. This infographic will help you understand how to spot these symptoms in your loved ones.

If you, a family member or a loved one is struggling with a drug or alcohol use disorder, Orlando Recovery Center can help you find the addiction treatment you need to begin recovering and reclaiming your life. Our 93-bed inpatient rehab facility is located just outside downtown Orlando and is only 15 minutes from the airport; we also have a sister facility in Maitland, Florida, which offers outpatient care. Contact us today to learn about our programs or begin the admissions process.

3. Social Pressure: For many recovering addicts, exposure to social situations where drug or alcohol use is likely to occur may trigger a relapse. If your loved one is frequenting places or people associated with substance abuse, this could be a warning sign that relapse is imminent.

11. Self-Pity: Constantly feeling sorry for oneself or strong feelings of victimization could trigger a relapse. Does your loved one accept responsibility for personal choices or place blame on others? Recovering addicts who are taking responsibility for their lives and making better decisions increase their chances of long term recovery. This may be something that will need to be worked on throughout recovery.

There are some signs and symptoms of cocaine addiction that you can recognize in yourself or in someone close to you. They can be the sign you are looking for to seek help. Some of the clinical criteria listed in the DSM, include:

It can be challenging to discern if someone you love is experiencing an addiction to drugs or alcohol, but in many cases, some warning signs and symptoms can help you identify if someone needs help. Keep in mind that these signs can vary greatly based on the individual and the substance. Signs that someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol can be mental, physical, and behavioral.

The physical signs of substance abuse and addiction may vary depending on the drug and how your loved one is using it (e.g. snorting, injecting, or smoking). For example, someone using heroin may have track lines on their arms and have flu-like symptoms (due to withdrawal), whereas someone using marijuana might have red, glassy eyes.1,3

When faced with the prospect that a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction it can be easy to become upset or overwhelmed. It is important to know that help is available. Now that you know what signs of drug and alcohol addiction to look for, you may be able to help a loved one seek treatment. If you or someone you know is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, please call 800-926-9037 (Who Answers?) to get help.

When considering your treatment options for an alcohol use disorder (AUD), you may come across a wide variety of programs and offerings. Various factors such as medical history, length of prior alcohol use, and frequency of drinking will play a role in what form of treatment you will seek. Inpatient alcohol rehab is widely considered to be the method of treatment that is most likely to help patients successfully overcome alcoholism and maintain long-term sobriety.

Inpatient residential rehab facilities typically offer 30-, 60-, and 90-day programs. You will be required to stay on site during your treatment. As this is the most intensive form of treatment, it proves most successful in helping those with severe alcoholism. Your first week in an inpatient residential rehab will generally include detox, the first stage of the recovery process. This eliminates alcohol from your body entirely so you are no longer under the influence of its effects. Afterwards, you will continue on in the recovery process with a structured daily schedule of therapies that will teach you how to overcome alcoholism and maintain long-term sobriety.

To avoid your loved one becoming one of the numerous drug overdose deaths in Pennsylvania, you need to know how to help. Knowing the signs of drug abuse can help you find help before they risk overdose.

Lying and manipulation are hallmarks of abusive relationships. Whether that relationship is romantic, professional, or casual, intentionally misleading someone is highly destructive to their self-esteem. Gaslighting, a form of manipulation, is common in many toxic relationships. Learning what gaslighting is can help you recognize toxic, even dangerous, behavior in your relationships. After escaping an emotionally abusive relationshipexamples of gaslighting, how to confront gaslighting, you may find mental health treatment helps to get back on your feet.

Reshaping your language towards someone struggling with addiction shows that the disease is the problem, not them. Watching what you call a person with an SUD could be the difference between them asking for help or continuing down a road of abuse that could turn deadly.

Some of the most abused drugs are prescription drugs. Dependency and withdrawal symptoms can develop, creating signs of drug addiction for the user. Here are some of the more commonly abused drugs and the symptoms that accompany them.

Knowing the warning signs of drug addiction is only half the battle. If you are concerned that a loved one or someone you know is abusing drugs, it is extremely important to get help as soon as possible. Waiting will only cause more harm, and danger as time goes on.

Sometimes, these changes happen suddenly and obviously. Events such as a natural disaster or the loss of a job can bring on a crisis in a short period of time. Often, though, behavior changes come about gradually. If something doesn't seem right with your loved one, think back over the past few weeks or months to consider signs of change.

Don't wait to bring up your concerns. It's always better to intervene early, before your loved one's emotional distress becomes an emergency situation. If you have a feeling that something is wrong, you're probably right.

If you suspect your loved one is experiencing a mental health crisis, reaching out is the first step to providing the help he or she needs to get better. Sit down to talk in a supportive, non-judgmental way. You might start the conversation with a casual invitation: "Let's talk. You don't seem like yourself lately. Is there something going on?"

No two people are exactly alike; you may find that your loved one seems to fit all the criteria for opioid addiction, but he or she may only exhibit some of the signs. The longer your loved one has been using opioids, the more red flags will typically be in place.

The misuse of meth has serious side effects on its users. It is highly addictive and poses a great threat to society. Out of all the drugs in the United States, meth has the highest association with violence. The people depicted above are individuals that became victims of the potent drug. Their meth transformations are direct signs of addiction and can affect anyone. Though meth addiction is a complex condition, help is still available. Several effective treatments help individuals recover and lead healthy lives. If you or a loved one are battling an addiction, contact a treatment provider to talk about rehab options. No one is immune to the impact of chronic substance abuse, but you do not have to deal with it alone. Get help finding the treatment you deserve today. 350c69d7ab


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