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William Hall
William Hall

Nmm Reset Archive Invalidationl

But then I got to Profiles. I had heard that go to the Profiles section where you manage them, you need to have the box called "Automatic Archive Invalidation" enabled. I see both that box and the "Local Saves" box, but I can't tick archive invalidation since it's always grayed out (I can however tick Local Saves for what it's worth). Creating a new profile lets me tick that box ONLY if I select "Default Game Settings" when creating it. Nothing else will let me.

Nmm Reset Archive Invalidationl

Like I mentioned in my OP, the automatic archive invalidation option remains grayed out on all profiles UNLESS I select "Default Game Settings" when making a new profile. But again, it did the same thing on my previous modded install, and my fresh install. I haven't changed any of the config/ini files so I don't understand.

Oh, I have one more question. I reinstalled MO just to get a fresh start since I didn't have anything major set up ATM, and after I clicked "Back-date BSAs", a BSA file called "Skyrim - Invalidation" showed up in my archives section but it's unselected by default. Do I need to check the box myself, or is it supposed to be that way? 350c69d7ab


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