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APO USB Autorun

First of all, some people choose to disable autorun for security reasons; but Windows computers up to Vista have it enabled. Edit: Apparently the functionality was removed from Windows 7 onwards.

APO USB Autorun

On most modern computers (Windows XP SP2+, Vista), dialog "what do you want to do" will be displayed (for security reasons), but what you have in autorun.inf will display as the selected default, with Icon= as icon and Action= as description. If you want to launch it, just click the "OK" button in the dialog.

Tested on different computers, running Windows XP without a SP, also on Windows XP sp 1, sp2, sp3, and on various Vistas (not sure which types, but should work all the way from Vista Home Basic to Vista Enterprise Super-Mega-Premium-Extended Edition) and "Windows 7". Also works on Windows 2000 (although autorun on Win2000 for removable drives is not enabled in default configuration).

I've had something set up on my USB keys for a while now. Using the autorun.inf file will work, depending on your system's settings for autorun. Some disable it altogether after that little debacle with Sony a couple years back installing rootkit software on peoples' machines. Here're a couple articles to check out.

USBStart is designed to run with Windows XP SP2's autorun. It also works well with APO USB Autorun, which is a free program that will add the autorun functionality to any earlier version of Windows that supports flash drives (Windows 98 and up).

Basically, once you have autorun enabled (or APO USB Autorun) and your flash drive set up properly, you need to just stick in your jump drive and the menu will start. Run programs and do your thing, and finally close the menu to dismount the flash drive. It couldn't be much simpler.

At this point, you should be able to dismount the drive, then reinsert it and have the autorun start up the floating menu. When you close the menu, the flash drive should be dismounted automatically and you can remove it safely from the computer.

Right-click and create a new text file on your flash drive. Name it autorun.inf. Make sure that you have file extensions turned on; that way you won't accidentally create an autorun.inf.txt file and wonder what is wrong for the longest time.

I want to execute my Python script (at root, "autorun.pyw") whenever my USB device is plugged into a port.I don't want to install any software. I am using Windows 10, and I have tried using an autorun.inf file.Help would be greatly appreciated.

Restore the auto-run function To restore the "auto-run" function, the first thing we will need to do is download APO USB Autorun, a small free program that monitors the USB devices connected to the computer. Once installed, whenever you connect a USB storage device, such as a USB stick, it will check if there is an autorun.inf file inside the device and will run the configured program.

Run the program automatically: Once this is done, whenever you connect the pendrive to the computer, APO USB Autorun will detect your autorun.inf file inside the pendrive and will automatically run the program you have configured. Finally, note that you will need to install APO USB Autorun on all computers where you want to use autorun. Still, it can still be useful if you work on the same computers.

APO های autorun USB یک ابزار کوچک است که اتصال درایوهای USB تشخیص است. آن را برای فایل autorun.inf جستجو و آن را اجرا اگر در بر داشت. مرور مستقیم برای هر درایو است که به پورت USB متصل در دسترس است. هر درایو منو خود را از طریق آیکون سینی قابل دسترس است. فایل ها و دایرکتوری ها در منوی ذکر شده و شما می توانید مشخص کنید که چه نوع از فایل های شما می خواهید برای ذکر شده است. تأخیر قبل از اتوران می توان بیش از حد سفارشی. نسخه 1.5.2 APO autorun.inf می ساز اجازه می دهد تا به شما برای ایجاد منوی زمینه است که زمانی که راست کلیک کردن بر روی آیتم درایو در پانل ایستگاه کاری اکسپلورر نمایش داده خواهد شد. علاوه بر این درایو خواهد شد به APO یواس بی اتوران (که راه اندازی اگر در حال حاضر در حال اجرا نمی) اضافه شده است. در این راه آن ارائه می دهد یک نوع [نسخه قابل حمل] از APO یواس بی اتوران. با APO نویسنده شما می توانید مشخص کنید که آیا می خواهید به یک فایل متنی و یا یک تصویر نمایش داده زمانی که آیکون درایو دو کلیک (از نظر ایستگاه کاری اکسپلورر).

I decided to write this article for everyone who wants to get advice on how to create an autorun USB flash drive. If you're like most anyone these days, you have a USB stick that you use to take computer files from home to the office and back, rather than taking a laptop with you, which can be bothersome. A USB key is small and can hold gigabytes of data, which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to have computer files and applications always at hand.

As you know, when the USB drive is plugged into the port, an autorun USB dialog appears that prompts you to do certain operations: print images, run Windows Media Players, or open a folder. But what if you have a particular application on the USB drive and want it to be launched from the autorun USB dialog? There are two answers to the question. Firstly, you can put autorun.inf into the root of the USB drive and edit its commands to get the app started when the USB key is plugged. Secondly, you may want to create a fully-fledged autorun USB menu, which can be used to run a presentation, portfolio, etc. Below I am going to tell you how to make use of both solutions.

Sometimes we may need to make an autorun USB menu. For example, as an artist you may want to assemble a portfolio of your designs under a nice front-end and show it to prospective clients from the autorun USB stick. Or, you may want to create a business presentation or lecture that could also start from the USB key automatically. Companies may want to create an autorun USB with marketing materials and distribute to partners and clients.

If you're looking for an application to create a fully-fledged autorun USB menu for a USB flash drive, I recommend you take a look at Autoplay Menu Designer. The program is very intuitive and friendly in that you do not have to be a design expert to make a great looking front-end for a presentation or portfolio on a USB flash drive. The program offers a wizard-driven interface and a set of professionally-looking templates, letting you jumpstart your autorun USB menu with a minimal amount of efforts. You just run the program and begin.

The last step is to package the menu files and put them onto the USB key. Making an autorun USB menu doesn't get any easier than this. When the USB stick is plugged in, the autorun USB menu pops up on autopilot.

There is an excellent overview of the autorun.inf file on the Moon Valley Software website. Although autorun.inf files are easy to edit using a standard text editor such as Notepad, the Moon Valley Autorun.inf Editor is a free download from the Moon Valley Software website, which includes a particularly useful feature to locate and display icon resources within a .DLL.

After some searching (most notably a TechRepublic post), I discovered that the open command in autorun.inf only recognises programs. Windows 2000 and later recognise the shellexecute command to open other file types, for example:

To achieve the autoboot you need to fool the operating system into thinking that a partition of the USB device is actually a CD Rom using the CDFS file system which will autorun autorun.inf with no issues.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this blog. The information contained here was very helpful to me.I was wanting to take my IE favorites with me on a flash drive so that as I bounce from computer to computer I can plug it in and get right to the sites I have bookmarked.It turned out to be incredibly simple. (after an hour of trial and error) I exported my favorites from IE to the flash drive (saved as bookmark.htm) and added an autorun.inf file containing the following entries:[autorun]action=My Internet Favoritesicon=happy.icoopen=explorer bookmark.htm(happy.ico is an icon of a happyface I added just for fun)Now when I plug the drive into a USB port, the Windows autoplay box has as the default option: My Internet FavoritesHitting enter opens the web page (bookmark.htm) containing all of my bookmarked favorites.

I have a 16GB usb stick that I needed to encrypt (using TrueCrypt) but I did not want to mess around with mounting this each time I wanted to use it. So I used the TrueCrypt traveler option to create the proper autorun.inf file and move the required files onto the USB drive.

APO USB Autorun vous permet d'ajouter la fonction de lancement automatique à votre clé USB. Il cherche automatiquement l'extension autorun.inf comme sur les CDs pour l'exécuter.Cette fonction toute simple et pourtant indispensable vous permet d'ajouter un menu automatique comme sur les CDs que vous utiliserez à chaque fois que votre clé sera branchée. Le menu peut correspondre au lancement d'une playlist, d'une page HTML ou autres types de fichiers.En plus de la fonction autorun, le programme permet d'avoir un accès rapide aux fichiers contenus dans la clé USB.

i can also see in usb drive explorer. usb autorun is the term used when specific, predetermined digital content is automatically launched from your flash drive a. inf is a text file which gives the removable hard disk and drive autoplay and autorun functions. before, i can easily erase this virus. 041b061a72


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