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One Piece (Dub) Episode 857 [PATCHED]

Funimation announced that the next batch of One Piece episodes with the English dub is on the way as Season 12, Voyage 3 of the iconic anime series is ready to set sail later this month.

One Piece (Dub) Episode 857


These new batches of episodes will continue to focus on the Zou Arc, a big journey for Luffy and his crew to go on before the Whole Cake Island arc begins next time. While the English dub of the anime is still well behind the current ongoing series in Japan, they are getting fairly closer, and with more consistent releases, fans of the dubbed version of One Piece will have more to keep up with.

Starting from Episode 878, there is once again a shot of Luffy using Kenbunshoku Haki to foresee Charlotte Katakuri's attacks, followed by a scene that highlights what happens in the current episode, which replaces the Vinsmoke Family members using their abilities. The following scene that showed the wedding cake is replaced by Luffy walking casually with the faces of Princesses Vivi, Shirahoshi and Rebecca to the left and Sabo using his fire abilities and Shanks to the right. The scene that showed Charlotte Flampe was replaced by the commanders of the Revolutionary Army, Karasu, Lindbergh, Belo Betty and Morley. And the scene that showed Charlotte Oven is replaced by the Five Elders bowing before Im sitting in the Empty Throne. 041b061a72


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