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William Hall
William Hall

Black Tuesday

Three black crows sounds ominous -- like a murder of crows circling a meal. And when it comes to stock trading, this candlestick pattern usually does forebode a drop in prices. However, there are...

Black Tuesday


The term black swan often evokes negative connotations. Still, black swan or a black swan event is something that gathers attention and is something that happens unexpectedly. So what is a black swan...

Black Tuesday pours a rich jet black with a mocha-colored head. Immediately after pouring, the nose is greeted by notes of bourbon-poached fig and crème brûlée dancing in the glass alongside a hint of burnt almond. The palate experiences much of the same with a gentle hint of foie gras cotton candy, followed by notes of malted milk balls and stewed raspberries on the mid palate. The finish is long and bold, with notes of Australian-style licorice and cherry wood-smoked shoyu.

But what happened in three "black days" in autumn of 1929 was nothing minor. After an initial downturn on October 24, called "Black Thursday," the market plummeted in two days of panic -- on October 28, "Black Monday," and October 29, "Black Tuesday," the day it completely collapsed. The Dow opened that day at 299.6, but crashed 68.9 points to close at 230.7, losing 23 percent of its value.

Tuesday's strike is set to severely hit France's rail system and public transportation in several cities including the capital, with worker unions predicting a "black Tuesday" for transportation. The SNCF, France's state-owned railway company, announced Monday that only 5 percent of regional trains and one in four high-speed TGV trains would be running on Tuesday. 041b061a72


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